For those struggling:

Anxiety and OCD distracts us from who we are and who we want to be. Sometimes anxiety gives us drive and helps us achieve our goals. But sometimes, unfortunately, it becomes too overwhelming to try. Anxiety and OCD interferes with all areas of our life—our social life, work life, home life, and so much more. Work, possibly college or grad school, may be starting to slip, or maybe you stopped going. Your relationships and hobbies might be slipping. Possibly, you know you’ve been an anxious person. Maybe you have been to therapy before, but it didn’t feel like it worked because you were confused around how talking about your childhood is going to help you deal with these unwanted thoughts. I have had numerous people in my office tear up or tell me just how relieved they were to see me nod my head as I have heard these thoughts and fears from so many people. They learn they’re not alone, that there is a name for what they are going through. It is manageable, and I know how to work on it. And if your closest family or friends just don’t understand, we can bring them into sessions from time to time to help educate them on what you’re going through and how best to help you at home.

For those with a loved one who has anxiety or OCD:

Anxiety disorders & OCD affects the entire family. It can be difficult to watch your husband, wife, mother, father, child, etc. struggle with these types of beasts on a daily basis, especially if you live with them. And likely, you feel like you should have it all together for your person struggling, when really you just can’t take much more. Maybe your loved one has or is showing signs of becoming housebound when you are a social butterfly. Maybe if one thing is out of place, your loved one becomes irritable and starts yelling. Maybe they ask you to do things for them, and their rituals are taking up a significant amount of time in your day. Maybe it has been taxing to be strong for your child and constantly advocate for him or her in school, and you want your own space to feel like you have permission to act upset and frustrated. Maybe you also struggle with anxiety or OCD tendencies so you enable your loved one because you know what it feels like to just need to do something one more time...but it is now becoming a problem. Maybe your husband or wife is now afraid to be around you because of their OCD when you just want to spend time with him/her. If you would like your own support, I can be that for you.

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