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I explain my approach, credentials, and work experience in the “How I can help you” section, but you may want to know a little about who I am as a person as well. I believe in behavior. We have to change something to feel something different. I believe in taking chances in life with the conviction that things will work out with a good mindset and hard work. If you ponder on your most valued memories in life, chances are you took a risk in those scenarios. The time you introduced yourself to your best friend or your partner, the time you interviewed for your job you love, the time you traveled to a foreign country, the time you presented your artwork to class, the time you first tried your favorite dish at a restaurant, the times you sung aloud in the car with your friends for the first time. Every one of those moments, you took a risk…of rejection, uncertainty, shame, disapproval. Pain, doubt, and uncertainty are unavoidable in life. And what I am often told by my clients is that avoiding the pain, doubt, and uncertainty is better than feeling disappointed. Truthfully, that technique only works for so long. I want you to feel alive and empowered to be YOU, without the constant worry attached.

Anxiety always circles back to uncertainty. OCD is known as the doubting disease. I believe that living your best life most always includes learning how to handle uncertainty and doubt. This is what connects me to my love of helping those with anxiety and OCD. One of my favorite sayings is, “A comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing ever grows there.” So I want to help you learn how to listen to YOU instead of your anxiety or OCD. I am not saying it is easy work; I am saying it is worth it.