Anxiety and OCD are smart disorders, and they go after the things you care most about. Take back control.

If you’re reading this, anxiety has likely started to impact your life. The constant worrying may be consuming you, your child, or someone you care about. My goal is to educate people about OCD and anxiety and teach people how they can outsmart it.

I don’t want people to feel lost in their thoughts or feel some sort of impending doom. I want them to find joy and fun. I want to empower people to feel strong and in charge of their lives.

We can absolutely OUTSMART the anxiety and OCD together.

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I was originally inspired by a team of anxiety and OCD therapists I learned from while still in school. I remember the clients I first worked with in internship. OCD had left them feeling hopeless, and it affected the entire family. The intrusive thoughts left my clients feeling paralyzed, and hours a day were lost to OCD rituals. I remember their pain, and I remember their smiles when they were done with treatment. I received an update about a year later that someone had gotten to really enjoy a summer trip overseas when just a year before, it took hours to leave the house each morning. Once I saw just one transformation, I was hooked.


Take Action

Anxiety and OCD has likely already taken far too much from you and your family. Set up your free 20 minute phone consult today to learn more about therapy with Kristin.